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COCOMI is an authorized reseller of Oakley sunglasses

We all know what a successful and famous brand Oakley is, right? We all know that the company manufactures and distributes top selling eyewear, sports apparel and other products for both men and women. What most of us might not know is that, before Oakley became a brand known all over the world, the first ever products with that brand name, then known as “The Oakley Grip”, were just sold at the back of a car during motocross events. What most of us don't know is that Oakley’s story to how it got to where it is right now is truly something we can get inspiration from. Why must we know this brand’s story? So that when you see something of Oakley, its story will play over and over again in our thoughts.

The headquarters of Oakley, Inc. can be found in Foothill Ranch, California and this company was started in the year 1975 by James Jannard. You might have asked at some point, why the name of this brand is Oakley. That name came from the combination of Oakland and Berkeley, those two places were the cities where James Jannard frequents when he was still a child. Oakley, Inc. began in Jannard’s garage and he only had $300 for investment. He went to motocross events to sell motorcycle grips at the back of his car, and people noticed that the Oakley grips worked very well, unlike that of the other brands.

The next products that Jannard sole were googles, then ski goggles and finally, sunglasses. In the 80s, the company started to get famous and gained recognition from a lot of people and in 1995, the company went public and earned up to about $230 million. Imagine that $300 turned into $230 million.

The story of Oakley is truly one to take inspiration from, that is why we at COCOMI are very happy to announce that Oakley’s premium quality sunglasses are now available here at our site. No need to look anywhere else for an original Oakley eyewear, COCOMI has it for you!